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Tullanox Treated Precipitated Silicas and Super Hydrophobic Coatings

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Additive for:

Wood and metal primers, including zinc rich systems--Provides superior brushability, film toughness and adhesion to substrate with accompanying water repellency; provides higher pigment suspending capability, promotes soft settling.

Apparel emblem inks and paints--Allows thickening of coatings and provides durability in laundering.

Lacquers and varnishes--Provides flatting for polymer systems that are sensitive to moisture, improves wetting of overprint varnishes without high viscosity increase; provides moisture protection in conformal coatings for electronic components.

Powdered polymers--Generates high, fluidity of fluidized beds and eliminates electrostatic hang-up container sidewalls during air conveyance.

Expandable polystyrene--Insures ease of processing without impairing the fusion characteristics of beads.

Dry powder fire extinguishers--Provides free flowing dependability of use even after prolonged periods of storage, increases bulk density of powders by promoting closer loose packing.

Powdered metals--Enables the creation of more uniform mixtures of powdered metals during milling.

Blasting powders--Upgrades the water resistance of composition used in mining.

Fertilizers--Reduces formation of  hard cakes when stored in silos. Provides fluidity for uniform distribution on acreage.

Riot control powders--Provides anti-caking properties and insures dispersibility of the deterrent compositions in any weather.

Resorcinol and oily powders--Reduces tack and produces fluidity.

Paradichlorobenzene cakes--Provides controlled solvation of cakes in sanitary applications.

Powdered insecticides--Facilitates more uniform distribution of dust onto plants and shrubs.

Powdered pigments--Keeps pigments free flowing, improves electrical character of reproductive toners, produces sharper contrast in electrostatic dry printing.

Target aircraft and meteorological rocket vapor trails--Provides increased dispersibility with resulting improvement in visibility.


Functional polymer additive for

Epoxies--Provides viscosity, strength and resistance to humidity for automotive body solder and adhesives.

RTV and heat cured silicone rubbers--Provides high reinforcement with greatly improved tear resistance without appreciable thickening; Provides higher heat distortion temperature; used in silicones in aeronautical applications, in medical silicones and protheses, in special dental applications.

Tooth filling compounds--Provides reinforcement, whiteness and water repellency. In "ADAPTICS", it curtails expansion and contraction of  fillings.

Polyurethanes--Provides flatting and reinforcement without the harmful effects of introducing particle-associated moisture.

Man-made fibers--Provides unique colloidal properties in fibers, can be uniformly dispersed throughout the mass. Provides controlled solvation of water soluble fibers.

Phosphonitrilic fluoroelastomers--Increases modulus, tensile strength and hardness, provides resistance to high temperature.

Specialty rubbers--Provides a carrier base for liquid anti-oxidants, insures uniform distribution, prevents migration and blooming.

Specialty adhesives-In two part epoxy adhesives, hardeners are very hydrophilic; but, problems with high humidity conditions are alleviated with the use of Tullanox. Tullanox, in many cases, improves adhesion between other materials and metal.Type your paragraph here.