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Tullanox Treated Precipitated Silicas and Super Hydrophobic Coatings

Colloidal surface active agent for

Water in oil emulsions--Produces high viscosity emulsions having exceptional phase stability for use in insecticides, creams and salves.

Oil in water emulsions--Produces unique emulsions without the need for organic surfactants when used in conjunction with untreated fumed silicas or aluminas. For use in oil well drilling muds, industrial compounds and metal working lubricants.

Water-in-air emulsions--Can completely divide water into tiny droplets, encapsulate and convert them to a free flowing powder. Provides a fluffy bed for germination of hard-to-grow seedlings. Enables transplanting without damage to filamentous root structure.

Allows for the thickening of oils to produce greases of low thixotropy and high resistance to water and elevated temperatures."

"Enables the creation of more uniform mixtures of powdered metals during milling"

"Can completely divide water into tiny droplets encapsulate and convert them to a free flowing powder

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